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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a form of online retail where you don't have to worry about product inventory. In other words, we at bcndropshipping will handle the shipping, and you focus on attracting consumers and making sales in your virtual store.

Understand profitability with Dropshipping:

This business model offers a low-risk investment, allowing you to sell products to your customers without the need to maintain stock or deal with the high operating costs associated with traditional retail models. With smart pricing strategies and good operational management, it's possible to achieve and maintain a highly profitable business in the world of dropshipping.

How to start your business with bcndropshipping?

Starting a dropshipping business with bcndropshipping is simple and easy. Follow these steps to begin:

Choose an E-commerce Platform:

Select an e-commerce platform to host your online store. This will be the virtual showcase where buyers will get to know your products and brand.

Product Selection on our platform:

Choose the products you want to offer in your store. Browse our catalog and select the items that align best with your niche and target audience.

Partnership with Comexbcn:

Establish a partnership with us, and we'll take care of all the logistical aspects for you. From storage to shipping, let us handle product management so you can focus on growing your business.

Logistics Experience:

Providing accurate logistical information to your customers is essential. Work with us to ensure a quality delivery experience and provide high-quality after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer service:

We provide high-quality after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction and continuity of their businesses.

With these simple steps, you’ll be ready to launch and successfully manage your dropshipping business with bcndropshipping. We’re here to help you every step of the way!

What are the advantages of Dropshipping, briefly

No inventory

Online Management and Control

Diversity of products

Integration with platforms

Business Autonomy

Scalability of sales

We would be happy to answer your questions

First, you send us the specifications of the product you already sell in your store, including product data sheets, material, photos, colors (if necessary), sizes (if applicable), or even better the product link with all the aforementioned information. Our department will make your quote within up to 48 business hours. After the approval of our budget, we start the integration with your store, within platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, MercadoLibre, Amazon, eBay, among others. The system synchronizes the tracking codes with your store.

Visit our website:  https://bcndropshipping.com/, click on LOGIN, then on: Sign up here, complete the form, and your account will be created.

With over a decade of market experience, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the best manufacturers for the product you wish to import. As a result, we always present at least two pricing options, highlighting the most advantageous value for you. In addition, we offer a variety of shipping options, each with defined delivery times. We are committed to providing you with the best choices, ensuring efficiency and transparency at every stage of the import process.

Yes, it’s 1 unit per day of the same product. The client may request 1 or more daily orders or process with us every two or four days.

We have an excellent structure to store, catalog, and manage all shipments to the five continents, seeking to meet our quality standard and conditions agreed upon according to the chosen shipping method

Yes, it is possible to track the order and monitor the delivery progress.

On our platform, you will have access to the shipping cost after choosing the shipping method. The process is simple and quick.

We accept payments through platforms:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Bank Slip
  • Bank Transfer
  • Mercado Pago
  • Pix
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card

We are a Chinese company with a team made up of Brazilians, Arabs, and Chinese with units in four cities in China:

Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong

Our team carries out a rigorous process of supplier selection and evaluation to ensure that only high-quality products are offered. In addition, we conduct quality inspections before shipping the products to customers to ensure complete satisfaction.

Yes, we understand the importance of assessing the quality of products, so we offer the option to request samples. This allows you to test and confirm the quality before adding the products to your catalog

We offer a clear return and refund policy to ensure that both you and your end customer are protected. In case of defects or problems, we offer options for return or exchange, as well as a refund when applicable.

Our customer support is available to answer all your questions. We have a quick response time and offer support in various languages to ensure you get the help you need efficiently.

We plan in advance for high-demand periods, increasing our processing capacity and working closely with suppliers to ensure timely delivery deadlines. We recommend that customers place orders in advance to avoid delays.

We suggest pricing your products considering the costs of acquisition, shipping, and taxes, as well as including an adequate profit margin. A competitive price that also ensures a good return is essential for the success of your business.

Yes, our platform can be integrated with various store management and CRM tools, facilitating the automation of your business and customer relationship management.

We recommend creating detailed and attractive descriptions that highlight the benefits and features of the product. Use SEO to improve visibility and include high-quality images to increase the conversion rate.

We value our recurring customers and are working to implement a loyalty program that will offer special benefits and discounts. Stay tuned for our updates for more information.

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